Short Hair or Hair Ends
When carving short hair (like a crew cut) or an over-hanging moustache
it helps to carve the ends of the hair rather than leaving the area flat.
Carving hair ends on "end-grain" is quite easy; insert the point of the V-tool
about 1/16 of an inch and pop out the chip.
Repeat several places until the desired look is achieved.
Beard Stubble
To create rough beard stubble, only the very tip of the V-tool is used.
The tool is held at about 30 to 45 degrees to the surface and pressed in about 1/32".  Then the tiny chip is "popped" out in a picking motion.
Stagger direction of cuts for a more dramatic look.
What may be carved with a Ramelson 9/64" 60 degree long-bent V-tool?
Sweater cross-grain

Beard stubble


Sweater (Enlow pattern)
Straw hat

Clothing seams

Eyebrows & Wrinkles

Short hair or hair ends
Sweater Cross-Grain
This sweater pattern is very simple, but looks and feels terrific.
Start by drawing the basic contours or flow of the sweater with a pencil.
Then make short V cuts (lots of them) following those lines.
Each cut should be 1/8 to 3-16 of an inch long and staggered slightly
so they don't appear as straight lines.
Hair & Beards
Carving hair is easy and fun if you know how and can relax and enjoy the process. Shape the hair area slightly fuller than the finished hair will be.
Start by sketching in the flow of the hair; draw the lines about 1/4 to 1/2 inch apart. Make the first V cuts so they remove the lines you just sketched.
Continue carving hair between each of those lines; avoid leaving uncarved areas. Unevenly space areas that will become depressions in the hair and
re-carve over those areas. Continue carving the depressions until they reach the desired depth. Break up the outline of the hair (see edge of beard) with more V cuts in those areas .
Harold Enlow Style Knit Sweater
I picked up this sweater technique in one of Harold's classes;
It is not as simple as the Cross-Grain sweater, but it has a real knitted look.
This pattern works best with the grain, on a downward slope.
Sketch in a few guide lines; it is important that the pattern be consistantly straight. Beginning at the top of the slope, insert about 1/2 of the V-tool's cutting edge. Swing the V-tool handle side-to-side while moving down the slope slowly. If done correctly, the V-tool will "walk" with each side motion creating the knit look. This takes some practice to produce a nice looking sweater, but it is worth the trouble.
Straw Hat
This is done simply by crosshatching with the V-tool.
Sketch in some reference lines before beginning the pattern.
It doesn't hurt to have a straw hat for reference.
Clothing Seams
Fairly realistic seams can be created in clothing with this V-tool.
They are normally the last cuts before painting.
On jeans or slacks, the seam is not straight; it should meander slightly.
Eyebrows & Wrinkles
Eyebrows can be created using sweeping cuts.
Wrinkles should be used sparingly, but well defined when used
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