Beginning Wood Carver Tool Set
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This page is for the beginner who wishes to carve wood

My name is Rick Ferry, my wife Theresa and I own and operate
Little Shavers woodcarving supply.

I made my first wood chips when I was ten using flattened and sharpened nails; times were tough and nails were cheap. On my 12th birthday, I received a set of "real" carving tools from my Father.

That was a while back, but I still remember how proud I was of those tools. 
I also remember they were nearly impossible to carve with.  I tried long and hard to sharpen them with almost no success; it was discouraging.
Starting out with good tools is important for a beginner; they needn't be the finest tools made, but they must carve well right out of the box.
The question is; "What tools do I need to start with?"   
Ask that question of ten carvers, and you will receive ten different answers.
This is what I suggest for the typical beginner:

(1) First is a straight edged bench knife with a 1-1/2" blade
The blade length is important; any shorter and it is very limiting, any longer and the chance of getting cut increases.  It must come pre-sharpened from the tool supplier.

(2) A leather thumb guard will reduce the number and depth of cuts on your thumb. These cuts appear after carving with a knife for a while.

(3) Next is a kevlar carving glove; only one is needed and it is worn on the hand that holds the wood.  Don't believe any carving glove will stop a sharp knife completely, they won't.

(4) A set of six palm tools makes carving so much more enjoyable that I have to include one in my recommendation.  These also must be pre-sharpened from the supplier.

(5) If your tools come pre-sharpened, it is possible to maintain them for some time with a strop and strop-compound; the strop should also include instructions for proper use.  All tools must be resharpened sooner or later, so it is important to learn how.  Being able to sharpen your own tools will save you money, improve your carvings, and make carving much more enjoyable.

(6) Blade protectors to protect you from the sharp edges, and the edges from being damaged.

(7) The last item would have to be a nice wooden case to keep all your carving tools together safely.

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