Whittled Chains
How to Carve a chain yourself
This is a sketch of one way a chain may be laid out.
You may have to study it for a bit before it makes sense.
End View
Side View
A tiny logging chain
Someone had a lot of patience
Brings back memories of the chain gangs
Mahogany - made from three separate pieces
the chain, the heart, and the large ring
This is a typical beginner's project. The large links and single ball in the long cage makes this a fairly simple to carve whimsey.
More advanced project; the small cages
make carving the balls much more difficult
At first glance, this appears to be a very basic chain; but the swivel design makes this unusual and unlikely to easily break
An old interesting chain - note the beveled link design
A  whimsey I carved for an online auction. The ends I turned on my lathe
and then carved the chain.
Carved from a basswood 2 x 2 x 12"
An example of a swivel
added for durability
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A very well carved round-link chain
I was going to carve one of these,
But Grandpa told me not to play with Matches.
Patience, good eyesight, and small tools are required to carve matchsticks and toothpicks
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Nicely aged chain
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