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Free Santa Ornament Pattern
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Stock is 1/2 inch thick
The nose is a 3/8 inch wood button sold in craft and hardware stores.
This beard is first carved as if it was
to be painted; and then apply
Coarse Pumice Gel by Golden Paints
Allow to dry overnight and paint white.
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Used from Left; Deer-foot, Stippling brush, and old worn-out brush (my preference.) 
A puddle of paint the size of a dime is poured onto the pallet. The brush is held straight up and down, then dipped into the paint several times.
The end of the brush is tapped on the surface of the pallet until the density of paint is correct for stippling cheeks.
Then the end of the brush is carefully tapped in the area to be painted until the desired result is obtained.
This is the cutout with lines layed out
Step #1 - All lines are cut in with a V-tool
Step #1 - side view - extend all V-cuts down the sides
Step #2 - Round off top of the hat
Step #2 - side view
Step #3 -  Carve to shape the fur on the hat
Step #3 - side view - I used a shallow gouge to create the valley in the center of the fur
Step #5 - Smooth the face, sand the face area if you like. Try not to carve too close to the hole, but taper or round the face from the hole to the sides, top and bottom
Step #4 - angled view
Step #4 - Carve to round and define the beard
If you intend to texture the beard, it may be left rougher than if you just paint it.
Step #6 - Carve to shape the moustache
Step #6 - Complete, nose is not attached yet

Look closely at the painted ornament above to see if you wish to add a mouth.
The mouth is simply a three cornered chip removed below the moustache.
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Painting Tips
(1) Paint the nose Cherry red (do not thin this paint) and spray it with gloss Krylon clear acrylic spray.

(2) Paint the ornament complete before installing the nose and eyescrew.

(3) As with any new method of painting, practice on a piece of scrap wood before painting your carving.
Click on any picture to see a closeup
Some people may call this a Fondue plate, I like to think of it as a ninety-nine cent paint pallet
From top; Deer-foot brush, Stippling brush, and Stylus
Dots and the tool used to create them.
With each successive dot, the diameter is reduced.
This means you decide which diameter you want to use; make one dot on your project and then return to the paint before making another dot.
You may choose the first, second, or any other dot.

This is used to create the eyes; a large dot of black and once that is well dried, a tiny dot of white.

I often use dots of different sizes on the hats of this Santa.
Stylus and various sizes of brush ends
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