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Carving a Name Tag
I have had requests for more projects for beginning carvers, this is one of those projects.
I hope you enjoy carving it.

Click on any picture for a close up
A few comments before we get started.
I did not wear a glove while taking the pictures.
I took the pictures myself without any help.

I had just finished gluing several dozen strops when I began this project, so there is some glue visible on my fingers.

Speaking of fingers, you may notice I am missing part of one finger. I could use it to show the value of wearing a carving glove, but the real lesson is; alligators do not make good pets.
This is the block required to make this project; I used basswood.
The grain runs from the top to the bottom of the book, or along the 1-3/4 dimension.

3 inch x 1-3/4 inch x 1/2 inch
Draw a centerline dividing the 3 inch dimension in half.
Here I am removing the line with a 1/4 inch, 60 degree V-tool to nearly half the thickness deep.
Showing the finished V cut
Using a knife, I round the top edges of the V cut
Showing the rounding of the top surface of the V
Draw a line around the book to represent the cover
Cutting a shallow V to outline the cover using the 1/4 inch V-tool
Trimming the outside edges of the pages with a knife
The resulting angle
Both sides complete
Using a knife, remove the edges of the pages top and bottom (see next picture and the first picture)

This is done slightly at an angle and slightly in a radius.
Showing the result of trimming the top and bottoms of the pages.
Cutting individual pages with the V-tool
The result
Create a hollow with the V-tool for the pin.
The pins are available at any craft store.

Set into the name tag with 5 minute epoxy.
If you wish to finish your project like my name tag;
Use a woodburner to outline the pages. Use brown acrylic paint on the cover and gold or yellow on the edges of the pages.

Most important, be careful and have fun; it doesn't need to be perfect.

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