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I am not the world's best painter, but I do enjoy painting.
That is easy to figure out by all the unfinished paintings in my home.

This is about simple techniques that may be used to add life to your carvings. I am not attempting to teach painting, I simply wish to share what little I know.
Carving on top of the Paint with a sharp V-tool
The surface to be carved must be sanded before painting.  Most Tole painting books will give good direction on the surface preparation.
Once the paint is dry, carefully draw your pattern on the painted surface.  You may prefer to lightly scratch the design into the paint.
I layed out a checker-board pattern inside the heart.  I used a straight edge and a thin knife blade to make the lines.
Here, I have started to incise the pattern.
Just as an accent, I have added dots with the end of my paint brush handle.
I have chosen a heart pattern with some decoration thrown in.
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This is just a sample, or I would carve the checker-board pattern over the entire heart.

I have added four small incised lines at each intersection. I carve toward, and stop at the intersection.  Then rotate the carving and add the next of the four cuts.