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Sharpening - Customer email
Thanks for all your help...your last work for me was fabulous and made my carving much easier and more enjoyable.
Paul - Ohio
I just want to thank you for the service you provide. Yesterday I received my order for a v-tool for which I had included payment for a final sharpening and honing. Instead of charging for this service I learned not only do you not charge for this, but you never charge for re-sharpening a tool purchased from y ou.It is always great to find a business that believes in providing more than is expected.
Richard - West Virgina
We recently sent out our Misano tools to another sharpening service to be cleaned up, sharpened etc. They came back with the incannel tools being sharpened on the wrong side. Should have sent them to you!  Next time we will know better.
Don - Mississippi
Thanks to you and your services, I can now return to carving again! I will certainly use your services in the future, and let everyone else know that I've found someone who run's their operation based on the old fashioned principals of providing exceptional workmanship for an affordable price.
Ron - Indiana
The set was all I hoped it would be and sharp WOW!
I definitely will be ordering other products from you.
Gene - Pennsylvania
Just to let you know that the tools arrived today safe and sound and in great shape. Thank you again my friend for the excellent service. Wow that was record time it took less than a week for you to get them back from you and absolutely no hassles with customs at all. Your service is the best I have ever encountered and I want to thank you so much for that.
Colin - Canada
I can't tell you how happy I am with the job you did on my tools. I can't believe how sharp they are!  Thank you so very much! This is the best money I've spent on woodworking that I can remember!
Jeff - Viginia
I received the tools back yesterday. I see why you have so many testimonials on the web page. You definitely know how to sharpen tools. Thanks a lot. I'll spread the word in my classes and carving groups. 
Ed - Virgina
The tools arrived yesterday and WOW! I feel like I own a set of high-priced carving tools. You did a magnificent job! In fact, I have several more I will be shipping to you in the next couple weeks.
Tom - Illinois
Received the two knives which I ordered; now I know what sharp is. My efforts were not even close. I will be sending  several  knives and a set of the miniature palm gorges which I have had for at least 55 years.                                                                                     - Joe
Wanted to let you know that the beginners carving set along with the books arrived today. Thank you for the excellent service as well as the super quick shipping. It was refreshing to speak with a real person who cares when I was placing the order. As I mentioned when placing the order, I had read many good things on the internet about Little Shavers. Someone mentioned that anything that came from there was a quality product; the service was excellent; and the tools would be sharp.  I see now where all of the nice comments come from. I will order again in the future and recommend you to my friends.                                                                                                                                Thanks again, David